Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why the Butterfly???

People often ask me "why do you love the  butterfly so?" and honestly this slight infatuation started when I was around 13 out of no where... seriously.  I think about this gradual obsession and how my admiration grew slow... steady... yet during this time it was transformative. I was amazed how much I instantly loved the butterfly for no real apparent reason.  As I grew older (now in college) I had butterlfy everything... from books, to pillows, to necklaces, earrings, wall art, posters, magazines & clothing.  Even still not until I grew into adulthood did I realize the huge collection & connection I had with the butterfly. You see the butterfly starts as a caterpillar and who likes a caterpillar... I know I don't, do you?! The catch is the caterpillar has no idea it's going to become a butterfly, I mean it feels pretty good about itself... hell the caterpillar knows no different. The caterpillar was born a caterpillar so it does caterpillar things... it's slimy, slow & crawly.  The caterpillar goes through the cacoon stage as just a part of life, it has no idea that when it will emerge back out into the world it will be a beautiful butterfly... no idea.  That is me.  I was a caterpillar, and sometimes I still feel like a creepy, slimy, slow gross bug. I have been through my cacoon stage and I have now emerged.  Sometimes though I don't understand the power & beauty I posses.  Sometimes I think about the gifts I've been blessed with as I'm sure most of you do as well.  I often times think about how I am doing an injustice to God, how I'm sleeping... staying that caterpillar.  I don't realize all it takes is recognition. I simply need to spread my wings,  check out my beauty...and fly.  God has transformed me into a new and improved being.  See we all have gifts,  your gifts are different than the next persons but all blessed with something special and unique... what do your colors look like?  Are you living your life like a caterpillar? Or are you still in your caccoon? Do you know your own beauty? Have you taken the time to look at your colors... the vast beauty of your soul? If you haven't start now, start today, it's long overdue.  Love & Blessings. - Buttaflibabee


  1. love this kesh!!! miss you too...where the heck have you been???

  2. Thanks Stacy!!! I miss you too... I've been in thinking im a damn caterpillar! I'm good though ready to take off flyin... I'll call you soon friend!