Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hurt people hurt people.

The power to forgive is an amazing gift. We're taught to forgive when we're young, often times the lesson is followed by the saying "we must forgive & forget..". The forgive part is not a problem but that damn forgetting part gets to me every time! I have forgiven those that have done me wrong, I've moved on with my life, and in most situations I've even found myself excelling despite the negative experience. There are those particular experiences though... those certain individuals that have taken me for a loop! Sure I've forgiven, but to forget? Not so much.  I know for sure I've come a long way... I understand my worth and because of that knowledge I've taught myself to break away from those pained individuals and in doing so I've allowed the natural order to take place.  Listening more attentively to what is flowing in, through, and around my life by taking Gods cue's as they come has taught me to break away, but I have a really hard time staying away. I want to heal them due to my natural disposition which is grounded in love which is also the reason why it's so hard to leave a person that I know is in hurting.   I remember hearing on Oprah the phrase "Hurt people hurt people" which is exactly where I am now... how do I love this person that's so clearly hurting without risking being hurt in the process?  I am so pissed at this individual but at the same time I sit and wonder "why did you feel the need to be so mean... who fucked you over so bad that you would say such evil things to me?".  The relationship is for now destroyed but I must admit I hope this person apologizes, I really would love to love them if only they allowed me to do so. No matter what... I love myself more and for that reason and that reason alone... I forgive... it's too soon to forget... but I will walk away from the pain and pray for their healing from a distance.  Love & Blessings - Buttaflibabee

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This post will probably go down as my shortest post ever...but in actuality who cares? I needed to write about this subject before I explode ooooor I'm haunted by it forever.  Have you ever loaned money to the wrong person? Sure most of us have, but have you ever repeatedly loaned money in your past and because of it your in a position of serious financial hardships.  I have... I have in the past but it still haunts me today.  I have asked for this money back... I have forgiven and have tried to forget... I have prayed about it... but still I need my fucking money!? What do you do? I can't sue, no address. The worst part is... I still support (emotionally) and try to befriend this nigga... and still no doe?!  I know I shouldn't be friends with this person anymore. I also realize I should tell them to pay me back now... but how? I don't know what to do,  which is why I've come to this platform... my stage to ask... What do I do?