Friday, December 31, 2010


Today as 2010 comes to a close I want to wish all of my babes a happy and prosperous 2011.  I'm sitting here reflecting on the past year and I'm thinking about what a year it's been!  A year ago I was just starting a new job, I didn't have this fabulous blog, and I didn't have the opportunity to touch as many lives as I have.  A year ago I was simply trying to swim to the top to get air, but this year I am proud to say that my life is sweeter than ever before.  I must admit though today a felt a little sad, this sadness came and went in waves partly because the second I felt down on myself I would immediately think of every good thing that has and is happening in my life.  2011 is a big year and I can confidently say that due to the spirit that is shining right now, the spirit of God, the spirit of every person I touch, and the spirit that is Buttaflibabee.  I have so many promises to fulfill for myself and I'm excited about sharing them all with my babes throughout the year on this blog.  My wish for all of my babes is to have a fantastic & safe New Years Eve and lets all join spirits to go after every one of our dreams, visions, & destiny... cheers all of us!!! Love & Blessings. - Buttaflibabee

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our mission... HEALTH!

I was with a friend last night, well you can say he's more like a life coach of sorts, while hanging out and shopping we were discussing my love and ease into addiction... yea I said love of addiction.  I have been an addict of something for about 25 years at least, and as our conversation continued I began to acknowledge my habits and my inability to cope with life as it is. You see I medicate as a means of dealing with life, the way I medicate can lead to addiction (most times they do) and these addictions can vary depending on the mood, time of month, or what happens to be swirling around in this life of mine. Sometimes my vice is sex... sometimes it's shopping... sometimes it's partying... sometimes it's herbal substances and sometimes it's back the the original addiction food.  Whatever the case maybe there is always something that is required in order to help level off.  My friend in this instance suggested to me to work on finding new vices and new addictions... something that would work in my favor and work for success, something that allows my life to expand versus stand still.  You see I realized instead of easing my tension with smoking a cigarette, I will go to the gym. Instead of leveling off life with my partying escapades... I'll listen to some music and dance, or write write write!  You, my readers, have been with me throughout the "Health Mission" and this conversation with my friend was the start of it all. I won't condemn myself for indulging occasionally into some good times but doing things that will allow me to flourish is definitely in my best interest.  Being kind to your Mind... being kind to your Body... and being kind to your Soul can be just as addictive as a pack of Keebler's Fudge Stripes Cookies or a pack of Newport cigarettes.  Love & Blessings. - Buttaflibabee

Sunday, December 5, 2010

You never know...

This poem was written by one of my "babees", she is such an inspiration to me... more than she could ever imagine! I write due to "babees" like her... I do this so that others can know their own worth and understand that life is an ever evolving ever changing thing.  Embrace it all and it all WILL embrace you back!

Love & Blessings. - Buttaflibabee

You never know
who is watching you as you live your life,
You never know
who is listening as you sing your song,
You never know
who is crying on the inside,
and just wants to know that there is healing after pain
but You...
Madame Buttaflibabee
have bared your soul and not only started healing yourself
but You...

Have reached out
hugged and kissed so many others
and told them
"In time my babees, You too will find peace"
and for that...

Written by:
Barbette Joy Tucker Johnson

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I wrote this poem when I felt love for someone that couldn't properly love me in return. I write about loving this man to a degree where my dreams are surfacing into my reality.  Am I naive? Quite possibly, I'd rather think of it as being open to a truthful here it is.

Do you know why I love him?
He reminds me of them all
he's nothing like them
He's smooth
and warm
and glowing
from inside to out
Do you know why I love him?
he's enthusiastic
and smart
He is oh so humble
and sweet.
Did I mention he was like chocolate?
soooo sweet
Did I mention to you how I love chocolate?
soooo sweet
Did I mention to you that I love him?
of course I did...
cuz I can't stop thinking about him
the "right now"
is not our time
then again
maybe it shouldn't be...
because forever will be
will be ours
will be chocolate
will be divine
did I mention that I love him?
.... of course I did.

Love & Blessing - Buttaflibabee