Saturday, May 21, 2011

Single Butterfly

Being alone...
Sometimes I think about myself... alone
I often wonder what I'm all about... who am I... what am I
I chose to be alone... I choose to be alone... and I'm not sure why
often times I sit and wonder will this always be
me... alone.
It's comforting yet painfully empty
Being alone
u can feel like your the only one... peaceful
u can feel like your the only one... tragic
It's what they tell you to do so that you can be strong
but strength can be so weak
I'm not quite sure how this will turn out
Social butterfly I may be
Still no one ever wonders
where that butterfly flutters
when the wind blows
where does it go?
The butterfly
is only seen for that fleeting moment
of beauty
never will they see
the quiet space
all for that temporary grace
yet still
The Butterfly

1 comment:

  1. If buttaflies flock together original true beauty may ever be seen