Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I wrote this little ditty while I was home sick... so tired I could barely type.  I really feel this is a story  that most everyone can relate to, hope you all enjoy! 
Love. - Buttaflibabee

I have a way about doing things and sometimes the way I do things may confuse most.  Today I'm home sick and while I sit at home struck with body aches, a sore throat, and a overall "icky" feeling, I can't help but think that sometimes our lives work a lot like illnesses.  It all started yesterday, I felt the first signs of a cold coming on and as I talked to my mother searching to receive a small bit of comfort while at work, I was simply feeling miserable!  In the kindest motherly voice, my mother says to me: "I think you just needed to slow down right now and your body is forcing you to do that Keshia!".  I listened to her and agreed but today as I woke up I looked around my house and began to do what I was raised to do when your sick... rest... sleep... and clean!  Isn't it funny that today of all days I wanted to clean my house, wash my hair, change the linens on my bed, and vacuum?  I feel the need to clean so that I can enter the next day feeling redeemed and refreshed.  I find that I live a large majority of my life the same way, I go go go until exhausted and then I find myself sick of going... in fact, within many situations throughout my life I've found myself in a state of "sick".  In the past, I would be longing for home, so that I may contemplate my feelings and cleanse my spirit so that I may feel better the in the morning.  Tomorrow I will feel better just like in life, I've had moments of illness... clean up... and eventually a better next day.  Tomorrow there will be a new day, a refreshed environment, and a resistence to the elements that may have caused  all the hoopla in the first place! Lol.  I hope this post made sense, I hope you all feel better and if today is the day of renewal have a blessed & better tomorrow!

Love & Blessings.
- Buttaflibabe

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