Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ordinary Pain.

This feeling I've been having recently feels scary, annoying,  but oh so familiar. I'm approaching a situation that's caused me a great deal of emotional imput, the difference today is in my awareness of this stage. Self-correcting or taking proper steps towards any long term happiness can hurt in the beginning stages, but once you find yourself making good on what you know is right your future will thank you for the immediate pain.

 I can remember back when I was first getting braces... my mouth was full of metal and I, unlike most teenagers, really wanted braces because what God blessed me with in terms of a smile was not favorable! I had a huge gap in the middle of my two front teeth, we later found out that it was due to a tooth not developing.  That little tooth didn't make it's arrival and because of that little thing that God (of course) had all control of, that itty bitty thing changed my life.  I can remember once every-other week my dad would come and pick me up from high school, he would drive me during my lunch hour to the orthodontist in Elmhurst Il.. My dad would drop me off, I'd walk through the door & check-in at the front desk.  After checking in I'd go sit & wait for my dad to come in and sit next to me... waiting... patiently. We would talk a little bit about the news or a funny story of celebrity.  Whatever the case, it was our little time together.  I would then be whisked away. Off to the back I sat down, leaned back, and allowed the orthodontist to tighten my mouth tooth by tooth inching them next to each other... slowing forcing them into position.  All to make way for what was going to be my brand new incisor (B).

All done, my mouth would be aching like a beating heart but whatever reason it was ok, because I knew eventually this would be over and I would have my sparkling smile!  My Daddy would look at me... touch my cheek as we jumped back in the car... he would ask"are you ok... does it hurt?".   Of course he knew the answer (hell it felt like vice grips clamped onto my gums!!!) I would tell him I was ok.   Daddy would then ask if I wanted some Burger King before going back to school, of course I said yes, then back to school I went!  I think about how that time was special, painful, sweet and soooo ordinarily familiar.  I was a 15 year old girl loving the time I spent experiencing pain, knowing the end result would eventually change my life... and end in a cheeseburger.  Maybe I loved that experience even a little bit more because I was with my Daddy, or maybe I loved that time regardless of pain, and cherish that moment because it was just the two of us, working towards a goal.  My dad, escorting his baby girl to have what she wanted most... a sparkling smile!  I think about the little experiences of pain and can't help but be thankful for that time I spent tightening for a smile, I know now the end result has changed my life... it hurt, but it was ok.

Love & Blessings.
- Buttaflibabee

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