Friday, August 3, 2012

He is...

I've known him for 16 years... he is for every sense of the word my "Soul Mate", my Reginald.  He is the one that has known me before I was Buttaflibabee, he knew me when I was in the depth of my cocoon when I was that "unreformed fatgirl"... not so pretty... not so confident... I was just soul, yet he still loved me.  I was a caterpillar and he was Reggie.  He is the one that would move mountains and earth itself simply to do what is right & good for me, he protected me without even trying.  

I can remember back in my college days the time had come to head back to school and for whatever reason this time around I had no partner to help me drive back... YIKES!  I was terrified, faced with an 8 hour trip all alone.  Of course my parents and grandparents were all worried because this was the first time I had to go it alone.  Later that night Reginald and I talked about the issue, he listened to how nervous I was, he felt every fear, he could tell this was something I was completely not looking forward to.  A few days later this would all change,  Reginald called to tell me he was taking a bus to Chicago, aware that once he pulled into the city he would be pulling right back out the next day, on top of that he would be helping me drive 8 hours back to Mississippi.  He is that guy that simply does things like that for me... lil ole Keshia from Westmont IL.  To him I am someone special just because I am.  He is that man I could talk to for hours and hours on end about any and everything,  clearly in sync with each other’s thoughts and emotions, able to read each other’s minds... he is my best-friend.  

Right now Reginald is in Saudi Arabia teaching, and even though we are on two totally different sides of the world for some reason we’ve gotten back to reading each other’s mind and appreciating our relationship.  When I wake up he’s in the middle of his day… when I’m at work he’s relaxing preparing for bed… when I’m going to bed he’s waking up.  He is my guy without question because we've been through years together, sixteen… did I mention that?  Isn’t that amazing?  He's been alongside, with me throughout my relationship heartaches because he is my confidant and my comforter.  We've shared similar relationship experiences and we have been each others shoulder to cry on. We listen to each other without judgment, but still questioning each other’s motives in a loving way... pushing each other along this road, hoping we would learn from every experience.  We've seen the best in each other and I know having him in my life is necessary, because life without him is just unfathomable.  This friendship- this love- is indeed undeniable... invincible... and eternally infinite.  He is my Kwame.  

Love & Blessings,

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  1. I love your energy and the pure beauty in this post. Thank you for sharing. It's not everyday you find someone else who has also found their soul mate. Glad to connect with you and Twitter and look forward to more of your posts.