Friday, April 5, 2013


the push and pull the high the low
the way things go... when you know and understand
what's going
I feel it inside and I know how my highs will fall
I know this all because I know
me and I understand
what's going
I sometimes wish I could stop the train from moving
wish I had some conductors instructions
wish God told me how to drive
not just ride
how to maneuver through this thing
this life... so I understand everything
that's going
I feel the equilibrium in my body mildly go awry
I've learned somethings require more of me
somethings require the ignoring of me
somethings need my comfort
somethings i need to dump quick
but it's all about balance
it's all within the hydraulics
of life...
do I pump myself up... or do I lower myself under the radar
right now I'm not quite sure
but then again.... I don't have to be
don't have to guess
I trust my destiny
I live stress less
my world is now turned over to the one that mapped out my route
the one that trained me on that fast moving train
before i came... before I made it here
thats how i know i'll be fine... because deep down inside I know
what's going
the one that makes me feel no doubt
even though nervousness sets in
I know I'm ready to be at the helm
I was whispered that in my dreams that are sent from heaven
it's been that way since I've been
my training
my life
the push and pull of things
the up and down of things
the fast and slow of most
life as it is
the equilibrium inside my soul...

Love & Blessings,

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