Monday, June 24, 2013


I love mornings… the light the shining eyes of God peeking
Saying hello
I love the breath of fresh air in the morning
The heavens and angels linger in the air 
In the morning
Awaiting me to breathe it all in
Inhalations of love
I arose since birth early to meet with the creator
Last night thoughts fluttered in my mind of things much
Greater than right now…
Even though the right now is beautiful
Especially in the morning.
The sun donning its crown as it rises
Wanting the human lives to recognize
The power, not the power within itself but rather
The magnificent power of a force much bigger than it
We can feel it
We breathe it
We move in it and through it
We are it
In the morning my body is alert with superior understanding
My mind is open and thirsty like a dry sponge
Ready to drink the weightless divine nature of the day
Quenching the thirst from dreams light years away
Fingertips wet with dew
God’s parental kisses on the earth
Heavens way of embracing us all
A snuggle of love as light breaks the dark
Feeling our own greatness as we embark glory and praise
To the one
Morning is when presence is most known
Peeking eyes to see who wants to speak to it the most
It will always be me
I will always be
There to greet 
… first thing
In the morning.
I can see… most of all I can feel
The early daylights blessings…
that whispered “wake up” in my sleep.

Love & Blessings

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