Tuesday, April 15, 2014

She Chose Me.

She chose me
to love her.. to nurture her... to give her life
through my life, through my body.
My little flower, my precious Daisy baby
She chose me
to feed her
to swing her
to guide her through
this thing called "living".
On this side of the life
My pretty Jasmine baby
You were planted in my dreams
years ago.
At that moment you and God watched
waited and select me
I still can't  believed
you both chose me.
The sweet anticipation of things
to come
Our connection like a hum in a drum
a special type of rhythm
You chose me to be your vessel
to love you like no other
Mysteriously and miraculously given
by the creator
you chose me to be the root you sprout life in
to bless my world like clouds raining down sweet sweet drops of heaven
I'm still in awe that you would choose me
but in that selection you did more
you are able to make two lives better
I can't imagine life without you... inside growing
yet so ready see your precious smile
your face
to kiss your cheeks, soft and perfectly made
to gaze into your eyes
to smell your skin
I'm so glad you chose me
my beautiful blessing developing
from within
made through love the sweetest gift I have ever been given
And yet the thought still so remarkable and marvelous... the fact that
you chose me
I hope I am all you ever dreamed me to be
my sweet Daisy baby
my daughter... Jasmine Louise-Marie.

Love & Blessings,

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