Wednesday, June 24, 2015

She Called Us Suga Lump.

She called us sugar lump
She had nicknames for us like sugar lump, peachie and chicken 
the most strangest nicknames in the world.
My personal favorite was suga lump.
One thing was clear we always knew we were loved.
Thought of, and could capture the world in our hands if it was up to her
She taught me how to count to 100.
We practiced everyday...
While waiting for the bus 
This baby is too small to go to school!
Is what she told my mom at when I was 2 almost 3.
But regardless she helped me get on that bus, steps high as the sky.
Little bitty fat legs barely reaching the climb but by the time I got on she gave me a kiss good-bye her last baby.
She called me her suga-lump.
Every morning she'd fix us breakfast... 
Carlo & I ate GOOD!
Eggs & sausage or bacon,
biscuits with jelly or syrup, we were her babies... her last 2 suga lumps.
We would leave for school with full bellies and even more full hearts 
Stuffed to the top with hugs & kisses, squeezes and sweet words of encouragement.
You know you my babies... do you know how much I love you?
Grandmas sweet punkins!
She would cut flowers out her garden so I could take them to my teacher...
everyday to brighten their day.
She would let me watch Richard Simmons in the TV room while washing me up, 
butt naked all soapy and wet her baby was happy doing aerobics, and heck I was her suga lump!
At church we would each take a lap...Carlo had her left I always wanted the right. 
There we would ask for candy and she would oblige... in a kinda sorta way.
She would give us a cough drop, cherry if we were lucky.
We didn't care we would enjoy it just the same because it came from her...
the most beautiful woman in the world!
Her name was Annie but her friends and family called her Louise.
The woman that took honey in her coffee
and always sipped it slow with a spoon.
She cooked everyday and welcomed many to her table for a hot plate.
Her beauty transcended this time... her presence was quiet and glorious.
She called us her suga lumps
little did she know
She became ours.

Love & Blessings,
Buttaflibabee - Myskeshia (M.Y.S.K.E.S.H.I.A.)

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  1. Wonderfully written! I pictured every detail that you mentioned...I'm a visual reader�� Nice to hear stories of her sweetness! ...Grandmommy is and will always be an Angel