Thursday, August 27, 2015

Paper Chains

I was recently asked to write about what my mother has taught me on being a mother
The thought pondered in my mind…empty.  Nothing to say, nothing to write…well at least for now.
I thought more.
Then, the second question was asked “what have you learned since becoming a mother?” that question wasn’t as bad as the first but still very little came to mind.
No mental movement
No inspiring words to write.
No catchy phrases or play on words.
NO I thought about it… hold up, I had a happy upbringing clearly I have something to write.
I went home on my lunch break to attempt to break
… this feeling
I went stayed up late at night and had a class of wine, surely this would clear my writers block
But still...nothing.
Ok I got it my timing is off I have a lot on my mind, I have a new job so of course with work and baby and man and house… I’ll just give it a few days.
This feeling, this writer’s block began to eat at me
I thought to myself "how do you write about someone that has given you everything?"
Do take me seriously when I say my mom and even more her mom, my grandmother gave me EVERYTHING.
and so did yours.
Whether it be good or bad it was given all to you and me.
Her life and your life are one, an extension of hers into yours hers an own life an extension of her mothers.
It's basic
A Paper chain linking one to another.
Now how you chose to use your life is your link, your life, your existence, your chain is yours.
Even still, it is the extension
You are the exception to the rule.
You can extend that life in a positive beautiful and meaningful ways that is what my mother decided to extend from my grandmothers life.
What I hope to extend from my mother’s life is still in progress, still moving and chan-ging.
What I hope to plant enrooted and embed in the very fibers of my daughter links are things such as:
Unwavering support
Hope, let’s talk about hope.
When it all comes down and the world is tired of you, and you likewise are tired of the world, at the end of the day if there is no hope in your veins… you will lose, your link will rust, crumble and exist no more.
Her destiny is what my child choses but I am the root.
The first half of the game the links from which stem from God.
What you put into your child is the extension, but what your child decides to carry on from there is the chain, the lasting of life and legacy.
"How am I write about all of that?" I thought to myself … "you just did" I heard back.
Did I just hear a laugh???
I began looking at my child and how she is so much like me but yet soooo much more awesome than me.
These women I love because they are me, they birthed me, my grandmother birthed the one that birthed me and so I am them and they are me.
I didn't know this is what it would be like I had no clue you would do this to me But you did you turned my life around inside out and it explodes bursting with love in almost every second I see your face It's my love of my extension the one that is almost EXACTLY like me, but better Or maybe not better but definitely different and a good different.
 It's the simple extension of what's pure
What is love?
What it is to be a woman
One that bears life now bears a princess who will also bear life.
A Madonna and child
A Mother and daughter
A Queen and her Princess
The paper chain of life
The elementary construction that leads to indescribable joy.
The legacy of love between a mother and her sweet little girl

Love & Blessings,

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