Monday, January 10, 2011

Inherent Royalty

Wow it's been awhile since I've connected with my readers just simply due a normal busy life.  Today is a different day and for me that's an awesome thing to say.  I was thinking about my parents and in thinking about them I thought about how special I am.  Sometimes we think our parents are villains straight evil, I'm here to admit to those thoughts and also apologize to God & my parents for feeling that way.  I really believe God knew what he was doing when he placed me in the care of those two.  See my parents love each other, in fact they love each other the way you should love a partner, they understood the growth potential each other had.  My mom has always been an intelligent woman, strong and very driven in her goals, my dad has always wanted the best out of life and equally thought he was the best and thus he always felt he deserved the best in a woman... hence their connection.  I've been thinking about my life as it stands and of course I think about being 34 and single... again.  Within this thought process I often times think about my life, in it's present form, can be a little disheartening (depressing some may say) and only because I know I have so much to offer a partner but in recent weeks or maybe even days I've come to understand the reasoning behind my prolonged single status.  The work that I must do in my life is not quite there yet, now I know like I know like I know that I have growth to experience, a huge tremendous amount of growth to experience.  In this realization I have looked myself in the mirror recently and was able to see the greatness that my mom saw in herself, the greatness my dad saw in himself, and ultimately the greatness they saw in each other.  Again I look in the mirror and I realize just how much they love me.  See my parents have always felt they were great and thus I was born from greatness, they had no doubt in there my mind that I too was powerful and full of potential.  I remember feeling this pressure as I was growing up and this "pressure" was really simply my parents expectations of greatness... I was the one who labeled it "pressure".  You see I didn't understand the confidence they had in me and for a long time I thought this level of confidence was conceit or ridiculous bragging, I felt as though they were so self indulgent when really all it was for them was a feeling of inherent pride.  See I am a Leon which stands lion... king of the jungle, now my dad exudes that, he feels as though my brother and I should inherit the earth, he's always felt what God ultimately feels for all of us.  My father feels as though I was born into a Camelot of sorts... royalty!  My father feels as though my brother is a prince and I am a princess, not until recently did I see my inherent royalty status... not until recently was I ready to wear my crown.  I've got my crown and I'm getting ready to put it on... do you have yours? Love & Blessings. - Buttaflibabee

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