Thursday, May 17, 2012


I call her Daisy
She appeared in a dream…
she felt sweet and precious
and she looked familiar 
like looking at old pictures
or a mirror... or something
In the dream she mumbling words of nothingness
I understood and it meant everything
her little daisylanguage
Oh by the way, did I mention her name is Daisy?
Daisy- like the flower
I buy Daisy things 
from time to time
she’s hasn’t met me
I feel close to her when I buy her things.
Like her first Easter dress 
it's yellow
A gingham patterned yellow dress
…with a flower
for Daisy
She also has a soft stuffed duck
her first friend
Kinda like Chick-a –Dee
soft & yellow
Her room is the same
soft & yellow
Daisy is watching 
and waiting
Waiting for her queue
Waiting for her sign
her sign from God that it's time
I’ve planned for her because 
she whispered to me one night
she was a star in my dream
She told me encrypted secrets
I promised to keep them
until she arrives.
My little flower Daisy… 
Can't wait to see you grow.

Love & Blessings.