Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Right Now Love.

I’m so in love with my right now. 
I know that’s hard to really understand but right now is all I got.  
I love waking up and having big dreams but no rules
Not having a rhyme or reason for loving who I love
but just to love. 
I’m so in love with my right now.
I'm in love with waking up and breathing… deep.
I'm so in love with where I am
A soul that feels it’s way through life
Not enslaved to an ideal of what perfect life is.
Because perfection has already been here
All of us born perfect and without flaw
All born without error
We are the heart…we feel with heart… 
Heart is where God resides.
I’m so in love with my right now
Letting go of the "Once Upon A Time"
Letting go of the future… 
Letting go of wanting more… 
The separating thoughts of imperfection…
Letting go of fixing what need not be fixed...
Which once was me.
I am so in love with the right now.
Everything about right now is ideal.
Right now is all we have 
For the future is not promised
... and the past is no more.
I'm so love with my right now...
Are you?

Love & Blessings,

1 comment:

  1. This is hot!! I can here the jazz trio playing in the background. I wish i could see you perform this, I really needed to here that right now.