Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The night is soft & breezy.
All of a sudden
I forgot all about how things
sucked earlier.
Right now
all I think about is the breeze, that flows through my window.
The wind,
whispering for me
to do better.
Even if it seems the others
ain't thinkin of or givin
a fuck about me.
I just keep whispering...
"you just gotta do better".
Even though
you know
the truth.
Even when
I question
the goodness
of others.
Others that once cared
cared about you
cared about your feelings
cared about your life.
How, did all of a sudden
things begin to suck.
When, did all of a sudden
others stop givin a fuck.
Cuz I  brought awareness to their "coulda" "shoulda" "woulda" beens?
Or maybe
just maybe
the truth of it all
simply brought back too much pain
so I then explain...
"hey love don't be a slave...Be a MASTER!"
Master the art
of your heart.
Understand, God's light
shines in your eyes
not just mine.
See, I was just like you
I'm still like you
Shit I am you.
Just cuz my light shines
doesn't mean yours dim
Praying for you to see the pages in  this here hymn
The words written by God before you were a "him"
The courage to live in joy
Feels like jumping off a building into heaven.
Clouds of promise to catch you
soft and waiting since you were a boy.
Sure we don't know what heavens like...
but its got to be good.
Take a minute
a brief moment
... sip on wine of greatness.
Greatness that will always
and forever

Love & Blessings,

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