Sunday, March 17, 2013

Love really...

Love really isn’t hard or complicated, it’s the naked truth, the realness, the honesty of everything thats difficult to face.  Love is that vision that is at times difficult to look at squarely in the mirror, the honesty that's straight, clear, and truthful.  When you think about it love is about trust…trusting God, trusting yourself, and then…trusting the other person.  Love doesn't yield itself to your whim love is bold and direct and there’s no gray area…it’s just love.  Many times our ego wants to make love into what it clearly is not.  At times we want to make it painful or say it hurts when deep down where God resides - our souls tell us “how absurd”.  We want to maintain a good face and pretend we see love where we don’t and then the truth happens as it always does, at that point we find ourselves upset with love when love never put us there in the first place.  We know our mind the one responsible was our ego, the evil and self-doubt inside put us in jeopardy.  I say this all in an attempt to place a twinkle of thought in your mind. I wake up today with this lovely message in my heart- for we are not to try and contort love because love is the purest, simplest, sweetest gifts on earth.  A gift we were all given at birth and if cherished, a gift that will linger forever in our souls.

Love & Blessings,

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