Thursday, August 8, 2013

In His Bed

In his bed
I feel safe and sound
In his bed I feel comforted
Cared for
Covered from any harm
In his bed
I'm protected
And yet allowed to open up
In his bed
I want to stay...
Longing for the day to crawl back
In his bed
The softness surrounds like a cloud
The ultimate feeling of comfort wraps me
Never leaves me
I guess that's why heart leads me
Back to his bed
He gives me his all
No need to touch
No need to seduce
My throne I will stay
As I lay
In his bed
I dream about resting in his while I'm in mine
Knowing the time will be there soon
for us to laugh and joke take shots and howl at the moon
In his bed I absorb and restore my energy
Thankful for this good man
Forever my friend
Knowing no matter what I can always come back to a sound sleep his breathing the beat and rhythm to my dreams.
My drifting settles peacefully as I melt into... his bed.

Love & Blessings


  1. This is such a Hot piece and I really enjoyed it. I have always enjoyed your work, because you're so creative. #KeepWriting

    1. Thank you so much Norman! I am so blessed to have you as an avid reader... you keep doing you and write Write WRITE!!! Keep me posted on your work as well my friend.
      Love & Blessings,