Monday, August 12, 2013


I thank God for the lonely weekend with you
Your freckled face and funny lights laughter in my soul
I was so happy to have the whole entire weekend with you
You ignite my creativity and give me more reasons to shine
I live in a lifetime of moments with you sparkle fresh with now and today
It makes me swoon to rediscover your nature and to witness your inner glow pouring out from every crevice, every corner and every ounce of your flesh feels like glory inside my core.
You’re beautiful and it’s clear by every kissed touch of skin speckles a'flutter like stars. Your essence your being conjurs the word "magic" in my mind.
The inner depths of your reality become increasingly more unique deeper clear and crystal like the perfect diamond you are divine.
I can’t imagine a day unlike right now, can’t imagine living without you here
In love internal eternal ethereal simple pure and true.
Love & Blessings,

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