Thursday, February 3, 2011

Natural Sin.

This past weekend as I was hanging out with some friends & I thought about our own natural sin, the type of weakness that as an individual we naturally have due to the conditions and the environment we grew up in. I can identify & relate to this point completely because I have asked God why I was born fat I even wrote about it in a previous blog. After writing that post my Godmother called me saying: "Keshia you weren't born fat were simply born with a love of food... okay and let's just say it (she continued) you grew up in a food lovin environment". I think about how my family socializes and relates to food and each other and came to the conclusion I was born into a "fat/food" addicted family. My family literally lives to indulge in the pleasure of eating... they love revealing what goodies everyone brought, we talk about how we made each specific dish with extra special love & attention and of course with that lil summthin summthin. So when you finally go in for that piece, or that serving, or that second helping, it's like a high... you've reached some euphoric climax. After my family feasts we would talk about how good it was and how we can't wait to have just one more serving, peice or bite. This past weekend I realized I was born into a food family, now I don't blame my family because I was indeed well loved but the focus that we had was food so obviously I was going to be fat, this was the natural course of my dysfunction... this was my natural sin. To accept that I was going to be fat... period, was something that was difficult to digest but more importantly what I have done is accept my addiction, and the acceptance of this food addiction is exactly what's kept me down 100lbs. The fact that I am a different person... some may say this process as "getting saved"... some may call it "coming into your awareness"... some may call it "the secret"... some may even say it's finding my chi... or element... or whatever we want to call it. I know that I am at a point we're my dysfunction's no longer go there natural course anymore... I still fall of the wagon with ridiculous behavior, but over all I can control what used to be uncontrollable I can work at a "office job" and like it because I know it is tapping into my natural gifts & talents. I know now I can be fearless when wanting something, I can go after it with passion and determination and without doubt even if I fail I have the ability to say "that's ok I just learned and practiced something that I will eventually master!". This weekend is when I got out of my awful funk because this weekend I realized that my natural sin was all apart of an amazing process... process of life... process to purpose. Love & Blessing - Buttaflibabee


  1. Loved it!! We should all learn to identify our natural sins :) Love you!

  2. Wow, what an awareness you have! You have awoken, and your power shines through these words you have so eloquently written.

    You are a blessing to those who are still addicted to food. Keep on writing and touching people's lives...that's why you are here!