Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The day decided to give it all away
I surrendered to the way 
I was made
Given life here on this earth
The day I decided to go
My own way
the opposite of astray
closer to his vision
the decision to come
into my own
 Waking up to new light 
new sight
on new blessings
unlocking doors that were meant to be lessons
jammed shut
banging banging banging on the door
waiting for just the right...
 The day I decide to say goodbye
and yet hello 
all in the same wave
the same second
the same day
 smiling from ear to ear 
all the while knowing
the truth of it all
the root of it all
The day I stopped turning the knob
 allowing the door to open on its own
 sadness most times wets your palette for joy
tears the appetizer for eternal bliss
pools that well up like bubbles awaiting the spill
out of the tub
the overflow of love
its all you ever dreamed of
but it's nothing like you imagined
being here
is nothing I could've imagined 
The day I decided to learn what needed to be taught
Understanding life's the school
I the attentive pupil
God the dedicated teacher
and earth... our world the class.
Me green with fresh fallen ignorance
Of now
the how 
 the why 
 the when 
senses open listening acutely to the lesson given.
Class without a need for a black board
or chalk or books
so sit down and open your eyes
and look
out the window
at our huge open school
The bells ringing
I'm already seated
Excited to absorb the lessons that are needed
Nothing worth having has ever been easy
The day I decided to open my heart
close my eyes
trust my soul
Love my existence
The day I decided to live this life-time in non-resistance
That was the day
my life began.

Love & Blessings,

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  1. This is beautiful. It took me on a journey...I could feel the wonderful path of discovery, acceptance, letting go and so much more. Thank you.