Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pretty butterfly.

The journey of life never ends... it's constant... forever moving... like air, wind, and time... and it begins with one step. This journey isn't a sprint... it's a marathon and for most people we get tired and we loose our passion for the run. Life is not for the faint at heart, because to live it with passion takes stamina... listening to your heart, filtering it with your brain and most times taking things at face value. I have been discovering so much about myself the past several months and my journey has touched others along the way. The light that comes from me and manifests itself through this blog isn't something that just happens, this light does not emanates everyday because sometimes I question who I am... sometimes I dim my light. I, like a lot of people, question my own existence... I find myself questioning what my life is all about. Prayers have been answered but then again don't we answer are own prayers by simply standing back and being appreciative of what we already have? We have the power of God within us every time we breath, I listen to myself as I write this blog and notice that I have been unkind to myself... my life, and I have in a sense become my own devil. I often write about balance and trying find balance, well that is not something that's easy to practice. There has been several aspects of my life that I have allowed to get out of control, habits that I've been practicing that are less than admirable, and things that I've done that I'm embarassed to admit. I have not always been my own best advocate. Now I've recognized change is coming but I must first start small with the first steps. I have recently compromised my ethical standards and have taken risks for a high... an adrenaline rush. I can honestly say this type of living must come to an end but like most change I know that this will take some getting used to and it may actually take a couple of tries. I know who I am and I know that once I get it life will only get better from here. See I love Myskeshia, but I don't always show it through my actions... so whats that all about? So to my readers to ask yourself this: Are you really loving **insert name here** and if so how.. and if not why? If you really love you & your life than you will see what they mean by "we are created in Gods image", but if you think what your doing isn't a reflection of the love of God then stop doing it! I hope all of my readers are ready take this journey of love with me, it's time for the butterfly to see her own beauty... this is where it gets interesting. Love & Blessings. - Buttaflibabee

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