Monday, September 6, 2010

Love not War...

I feel like sometimes my body is @ war with my mind... let me explain.  I've been told that when your body is elevating itself to a higher level, or moving in to peace... grace... awareness... whatever you want to call it. Your body must first break away from your ego... soooo, okay with that being said I sometimes feel like my body is at war with my mind!  I sit right now on the verge of total excellence and peace, but I still desire the old ways of doing things.  From time to time I even find myself, or my mind, attempting to convince my body to do what it knows it shouldn't... silly I know.  Everyday is becoming more and more phenominal, but I admit I am struggling to do something new... different... and from the soul which I find both exciting, scary and stimulating.  I am standing still and allowing the fog to settle because I refuse make any fast moves even though my mind is begging me to... your mind (ego) is never patient, it's always wanting you to move quickly strictly for it's shallow agenda.  My body holds me and expresses the exact opposite of what my mind tells me... my body is saying stay firm... stand still... and wait... everything will be revealed... REALLY?  I guess so... hear goes!!! Love & Blessings - Buttaflibabee

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