Wednesday, September 22, 2010


**Inhale... exhale** Deep cleansing breaths is what I tell myself... I am opening up myself to the possibility of greatness, inside & out.  This level of acceptance can be particularly difficult for me due to old habits, past disappointments, and dashed expectations. So now I am practicing how to breath in and breath out with my own existence.... that little thing called life.  What I mean by breathing in and out with my own existence is learning how to love me, the WHOLE me. Let's face it I'm the first to admit I can be chatty, I mean I can talk... but for those who really know me I can also be extremely secluded and withdrawn depending on where my focus is at that time.  This is the rise and fall of my personality.... the Keshia-ism that I've learned how to love, not be ashamed of and embrace.  Yesterday I was thinking about how I was feeling about a current situation that I'm dealing with,  I kept telling myself that I wanted to walk gingerly around this particular situation... that I didn't want to "ruin" anything by being too overwhelming, truth is that I don't ruin anything. In that moment it finally dawned on me this situation, and every situation for that matter- is destined to be. So instead of over thinking it and possibly stifling my own personality I decided it was time for me to do the exact opposite... it was time for me to be that chatty self... to be that big personality because thats who I am... thats the love that I share with the world.  The possibility of were I am right now is exciting and fun... fun because I can look straight ahead and know that I am proud of my whole existence.  When you know that you are limitless then the possibilities of your life begins.  Today I don't blame myself for past failures, in fact I blame no one because it just is.  Life is the inhale and exhale of it all... a growth process a learning experience that is beautiful and purposeful as long as you open up to the possibility of everything. Damn thats awesome! Love & Blessings. - Buttaflibabee

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