Friday, September 10, 2010

You Look Marvelous!

Last week I was working out at the gym and I heard a story that made me weep... really... I was crying on the elliptical machine... seriously.  The story was about this woman who was minding her own business, picking up a coffee from Starbucks and another woman walked up to her and threw acid in her face, burning her entire face except for her eyes... she was wearing sunglasses.  I thought about the beauty that we all possess and how quickly it can be taken away in a heartbeat, beauty on the outside is fleeting but beauty on the inside is everlasting.  Today I want to talk to all my lovely women... and some men about taking pride in both, the inside AND outside beauty.  I know I talk a lot about inner beauty but today I want to talk about appearance... trust me you'll get it! It's a two way street this beauty thing, I strongly feel that both need to be appreciated loved and honored.  We only get one face... one body... and one existence in our physical body... so treat it as such! I sometime sit and wonder why I see beautiful women (and men) treat their appearance as if it doesn't matter... well let me tell you... it does!  Your face and body is the first thing you wake up to every morning, so treat it as such... marvelous... gorgeous because it is. Your body is the vehicle for your soul, when you wake up in the morning don't just throw something on... cherish the time you get to spend with yourself and take the time to pick our clothing... cherish the time that you bath your body... love the time you pamper your skin... God gave you the vehicle for you to show off so do so!  I strongly believe that you place yourself in a position of honor and royalty when you take the time to look, smell, and feel good. As women we need not think "well I'm just a mom" or "I'm just going to the store", or "who cares, hell I hate dressing up". Well let me tell you for a long time I felt the same way, I didn't dress nice... I wouldn't care about my hair, hard to believe but at one time I didn't even like shopping for clothes but all that changed when I began to care about my appearance. I felt pride when I dressed nice... enjoyed looking good and that's how we all should feel.  When I began to care about my appearance I began to cherish what was on the inside... for me, I needed to see the outter beauty before I could recognize the inner... but for you, it maybe the reverse.  Remember your face and body are the vehicles for your soul... so if we were talking about a car... lets say a high end automobile wouldn't you take it weekly to get detailed? Wouldn't you take those extra steps to make it look good and smell good? Funny when you do all that it always seems to ride better... right?  Same is true with your body, style, & appearance... go to get your nails manicured, get your eyebrows waxed, treat yourself to that lil support garment that will give you that lil sumthin sumthin under those new clothes.  When you look good you really do feel good, you'll find yourself walking taller, feeling better about the inside because you know the outside... Looks soooo marvelous! Love & Blessings. - Buttaflibabee


  1. yep.... I walk like I have a extra pound of swagger when my hair, nails and etc are done

    I joined a gym with hubby, he was too lazy to go so I stopped.... now I will join by myself
    I need to be healthy for me... period

  2. Good for you Melissa... you go join that gym! You have to be healthy for you, that will make you feel better & your husband will appreciate it because it'll make you a better wife! Take care.