Friday, October 22, 2010

Tha Truth.

This poem is not as angry as it may appear... it was written due to frustration with a few.  I actually believe it was written out of frustration with myself. I believe in the law of attraction, which means I finally had to admit that maybe I'm not clear enough in my actions as intended. So this is just to make things PERFECTLY CLEAR! Enjoy- Buttaflibabee

Maaaaannn love your lady homie!
...or leave your lady homie. 
Don't know if you love her homie?
Everybody got options homie. why you here talkin to me  
If you loved her...
you wouldnt worry about me.
where I am
where I'm going
what my life is like
I'd rather u not worry about me.
Cuz your confused...
 and im not
because to love me require your all.
and I'm not sure if your good enough 4 me.
At least from here it's hard to see.
Ok ok sooo maybe thats harsh
If I loved you, what then homie?
If I loved you
Who's to say you would love me back? 
... or could love me? 
Cuz for all I know
Your perpetually confused ass
doesn't even know what love is?
doesn't even know...
the drug it is.
To what you "think" is "love"
So I ask:
Do you even know how to love yourself?
Do you even know how to be yourself?
Do you even know...
If I was to love you where would that leave me?
just as confused
& under loved
& Under appreciated
& Under celebrated
 & Under deep!
so stay put
 Mr. Dazed & Confused
who wants that?
So love your lady
Women love it when you do
We believe it when it's real
We despise when it's just "somethin to do"
We would rather be "alone" then with you
right now
I'm fully loved...
by me.
Thats what's real.
Thats what counts.
& thats what I have.

- Love & Blessings


  1. That's whats up Keshia! It's real - and I appreciate the artist in you. Spoken word is calling your name...

  2. Thank you mama!!! I've been experiencing this far too often... God intended on me speaking on this cuz it was layin way to heavy on my heart. I appreciate u reading. - Love & many Blessings. - Buttaflibabee