Saturday, October 16, 2010

Work in Progress...

Today I walked into work with a different feeling about life, I sometimes feel this way, and when I do I know that I'm in my zone or element (whichever you want to call it) within my own existence. The world seems different... I'm different... and my outlook on life is different.  Today I had a co-worker ask me as I walked into work "why are you so happy?" and honestly I didn't have a proper explanation because I couldn't figure it out myself. So I responded with a shrug and I general explanation. I told him yesterday I realized I need God not in the religious way that most people think, but I needed God and the connection with something greater than myself. In this epiphany I realized not only did I need God but I also needed church, I needed that connection with people... people that genuinely are interested in me being happy with no agenda no hidden intentions... just regular people that love to see me happy.  See I go to a fabulous church, and my pastor is not your ordinary pastor, sure yes he's a christian and speaks from the bible (no doubt) but the way he connects with his congregation is special... unique.  My pastor is a gifted man because he can make the bible and it's teachings simple and applicable in our 2010 world.  He spoke Sunday about how we needed start going all the way with God... not half way... not partial... not meet me in between, but all the way! This message resonated with me because it's been my whole life where "just good enough" has been ok with me and that's not the way to success nor the way to my best. It became apparent that I don't go all the way with anything... I didn't go all the way with losing weight (close but not all the way), I didn't go all the way with my career goals, I'm not even going all the way with my blog (cuz I know I can reach and should reach more people).  In his sermon I acknowledged my short comings... but I refuse to beat myself up about things, see I believe in being kind to my spirit and nice to my soul.  Even though I don't go all the way the strides that I am making are phenomenal and would likely lead me to going all the way more and more everyday.  See that's the whole point of this thing, seeing your life as "work in progress" and understand that going all the way isn't a destination it's a process.  My process can improve but right now I am on the right track... and heck aren't I blessed to see the improvement thats been made and to acknowledge that improvement still needs to be made???  Love & Blessings - Buttaflibabee

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