Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Level Up!

Level up?
Sure... but I don't play video games. I've heard this phrase when I was my brother's baby sister.  My older brother Carlo was hooked on those crazy video games, begging me to sit there to watch him win, or at the very least "level up" as he would call it. My brother would concentrate intensely as he increased in points, entered some hidden door, or saved some silly lookin princess.  His main objective??? The WIN!  My big brother was always  after the win, craving the win, and for the most part achieving the win.  I, on the other hand, never understood the excitement of playing video games.  I mean, I sat and watched the game; cheering from the sidelines, agonizing and learning about the game... the do's and the don'ts, yet never really wanting to do it.  I always felt I wasn't very good at video games, but heck my big brother sure was. So I just figured why not let him do it... heck he's great at video games!  He taught me by forcing me to engage; he would say... "come'ere Keshia... let me show you something... watch THIS!".  Today I think to myself there may not be a video game, but there is a game called living.  I sit here consistently leveling up, elevating myself... still wanting more... still wanting  The WIN.  I know there's more hidden doors for me to open, extra points I can win... and maybe even a handsom prince I can meet at a ball.  I sometimes find myself thinking in the back of my mind; "Keshia your not good at video games", when the truth of the matter is I am good! Heck my brother taught me... I watched the game, cheered from the sidelines - learning from afar.  Right now there is a desire and my main objective...The WIN!  In fact pretty soon I'll get a chance to say; "here let me show you world... watch THIS!".

Love & Blessings.
- Buttaflibabee

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