Monday, March 5, 2012


Are you comfortable or lazy?
you tell me.
From what I see
that comfort you got over there aint so damn “comfy”
So I ask again are you comfortable or lazy?
I run into a lot of people that get moments of grandeur
theycan see themselves soaring high
like a bird
Only to get tired... they get stuck
They realize its a marathon...
Closer to be a sitting duck
So are you comfortable or a lazy?
I realized recently
I hate the word “comfortable”
It reminds me of sensible shoes
... and elastic waist pants.
If you ask me I never want to be comfortable
… well maybe when I’m sleeping
or in the hospital,
or maybe when your road trippin it with your besties
… So I think I’ll pass on “comfy" when it comes to life
I want to be fabulous!
I want to be excellent!
Maybe even Major.
Yea I like MAJOR!
The way I see it comfortable is a word for when I’m nearing the end
... of life.
So for that…
I say eff comfort.
Give me freedom!
Let me squeeze every last laugh
breath & tear out of this existence.
But you can save comfort
keep it safe
tuck it away for me
when I’m 107
Even then
I think I will reserve comfortable
for my fabulous sensible shoes
..and elastic waist pants.

Love & Blessings
- Buttaflibabee

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  1. I had to link this to my page, there are so many people this message needs to reach.