Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I once heard this from a famous pastor and his words still ring true to me, especially today... "Make your mess your message". Those words are so profound that it almost made me cry as I was thumbing through the pages of my 2009 journals. All I could think about is how messy I truly was and to believe I actually thought I had it all together back then. I thought well I'm the one who's requesting this divorce so I'm not hurting from it... wrong! I thought well yea I maybe in a bad relationship with someone who uses me(the rebound relationship)and abuses me but that's OK... cuz he NEEDS me... hell I don't NEED him... yea right! I thought well I'm unemployed but that's OK... I'm still doin my thing, I don't give a f**k about that job... sooo sad but incorrect again. It is at these times where I look through my journals and realize it was only 7 months ago that I was dealing with such messiness and I look at myself today and how much I've grown. What makes me even more excited is to know that better days are still in front of me and 7 months from today I will be saying the same thing again... boy have I grown. As we get more clarity in our life we realize that life really does improve as we improve... the key phrase is...AS WE IMPROVE. If your not looking for better, not trying to achieve more, not looking at your life as a forever changing event, than you will begin to see your life as "status quo" or "as is"...and sorry to say but that outlook - to be perfectly honest with you... sucks! Lets face it if I didn't want more out of my life I would be a 300lb miserable mess... overeating my way into all types of health issues and ontop of my health issues I would've probably been dealing with even more than just my weight. Relationships issues... friendship issues... employment issues, because it all works together ya know?! When you start to see your mess...recognize it and then do me a favor...shine a light on it, you will no longer want to be in that mess... believe me that mess will start to stink. So I ask all of my readers to look at there lives... check the mess, and acknowledge it, when you have acknowledged it that's called "awareness" once you've attained that awareness then the hard part is done... and the best part has yet to come! Love & Blessings. - Buttaflibabee

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  1. That was very good! Really important message for others to follow. Keep up the inspirational work!