Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Tree...

I was quickly reading of one of my faves, Deepak Chopra, and he was saying how we (humans)are almost too intelligent for our own good. I hafta say on many levels I agree, we have the power to think and create things, where other walks of life do not have the ability to do those things. A tree doesn't think about whether or not it wants to be a tree, it doesn't have capability to think about if it'll grow roots deeper, or if it'll drink the rain that's falling... it simply is doing what a tree does... be a tree. I also think about how natural life is for me right now, and the only reason why I make things more complicated than necessary is because I over think it. I can remember when I was young I was quite the chatter... always running my mouth and talking to whomever. At a little girl I could could carry on a perfectly engaging conversation with my grandmothers friends, my grandfathers buddies, my moms sorority sisters or my brothers homies. It really didn't matter who it was, I had a natural gift... an ease if you will, with conversation. Which is where my life has lead me back to, easy conversation. I talk for a living on my 9-5 job as well as with my other passions, so there really is no suprise why this is where my life has naturally led to... it's coming back to where I'm most comfortable. With that I also am aware that I will excel now in these fields, I will never limit myself to only this blog or only to writing, but I must take heed and care for the gift I have been given... the gift of gab! This gift will take me into my next phase and will guild me into future phases in my life for sure, because this is for me like a tree taking roots... it comes naturally. I understand there will be a level of effort necessary, don't get me wrong, I also realize that I should relax myself and stay focused so that my energy is harnessed in the right direction. So think about your life... what is it that brings you natural pleasure and see if your living your life naturally in that pleasure. Living your life through your gift will get you through today and catapult you into the blessing that is you! Trees don't think about being trees... they're just trees so don't think about being you... just be! Love & Blessings. - Buttaflibabee

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