Monday, August 2, 2010


Some of my Facebook friends & family may remember this note from way back... I thought it was definitely blog worthy no doubt... Enjoy!

"When you get yourself ready for a fabulous feast, you get dressed up, put on make up and/or cologne because of course your excited about the feast. You arrive at your special restaurant, after getting there you order the magnificent meal you had dreamt of and you sit in anticipated delight. The waiter/waitress brings you your meal and to your surprise your special feast is on a paper plate... and... its... a plate full of fishsticks!? You look at the waiter sooo displeased because of course u didn't order FISHSTICKS, this isn't your sumptuous meal you dreamt about! So what do you do eat the fishstick and pay? Of course not! Ladies & Gentlemen don't eat the fishsticks in your life, don't settle for less then what you desire & deserve.... get up thank the waiter & waitress and leave!" - Love & Blessing. - Buttaflibabee


  1. If everyone could catch on to that passage, they would understand themselves a little bit better.

    As always....good work.