Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Ain't Scared!

Today I watched Oprah... my favorite celebrity in the WHOLE World!!! While watching her show I asked myself something one of my friends asked me just the other day... my friend asked "Keshia what would you do if fear wasn't an option?".  I think about how God weaves people & experiences into our lives for, nothing more or less than purpose.  As I watched O, and thought about my friends questions I thought to myself...why do I fear?  The Oprah show was on 4 young men that were starved almost to death by an adoptive parent... what was that woman thinking when starving those babies, and how blessed are they to have the life they have right now... but I could see why they feared.  These young men feared life, they feared their own "mother", they feared living & life in general, but now their life has changed in an instant... no more fear... yet fear is always present.  Today I faced a simple fear and that was the moving on, accepting defeat, and admitting to mistakes... sometimes I get my mind fixated on what I want vs. what is.  This is something I have bad, I have a hard time... and I mean a really hard time handling what is and living in the simple truths of my life.  Today I decided to carry on without the fear of what others will think, the decision to stop walking around on eggshells because of some stupid idea that was cooked up in my head, instead of my soul, those types of mistakes can cripple and has done just that for a few months.  As one of my favorite authors: Deepak Chopra says,  if you don't feel the warmth of your soul shining through as you flow throughout your day then you are blocking it with emotions from you ego... your ego (or mind) are those protective thoughts or ideas that blocks our true self from eminating through.  Today I said enough... I would beam all day ... so I did... it was a small step... just a lil something that pushed the envelope, but it made me feel good to know that I am slowly get through this fear.  I make mistakes daily but I feel good knowing that those mistakes will never define me, how I move through the mistakes, learn from the mistakes and inspire others to do the same without the feeling ashamed of themselves is what uplifts me to write this post, blog, and tell this story of me... oh... and how I get through shit. Love & Blessing. - Buttaflibabee

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