Sunday, February 26, 2012

Have Faith.

Fight the good fight of faith.  Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses"
- 1 Timothy 6:12

As I read this bible verse I could immediately understand what was meant by the statement "fighting the good fight of faith".  Most times I feel our chosen destiny can feel like a fight amongst ourselves.  I know for me this is a battle that can go on all week, me feeling weak, insecure, and down right doubtful of my abilities, my talent and what I know to be my chosen path.  At those moments God/Universe will specifically step in to sure up my insecurities with the love & faith of others.  I know the very moment I am doubtful of my talents, I will no doubt feel the compassion and love from my friends and family.  For example, a couple of days ago I was feeling ok but not awesome, as I was moving through day I get a call from one of my best-friends Stacy to see how I was doing.  Stacy said something inside of her moved her to call me, she goes on to say that she knew I needed to talk to her and that I could use her support.  We chatted for a bit and at the end of the conversation I felt like a new woman, we set up a time to talk face to face and work through some of my weaker areas together, those weaker areas happen to be her stronger areas.  Just like that I felt a surge of energy, at that very moment I knew not only was I going to make my goals become a reality, but that my best friends were always going to be there for me in the most divine remarkable ways.  After that day I had an onslaught of family/friends reaching out to me checking on me, they could all feel me in a unique way.  I know this is a fight of faith, many fall victim to their fears and to the exhaustion of the whole thing. Don't let that happen to you.  If you know you have a goal resting in your heart, go for it!  Focus on it everyday but be aware that this is a test, the challenge of your life, an all out war on your faith!  What became real for me is that fear is like kryptonite but with the strength inside of me and the support of those who love me fear needs to prepare to waive that little white flag.

Love & Blessings.
- Buttaflibabee

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