Thursday, February 23, 2012

I am.

"The words 'I am' are potent words; be careful what you hitch them to. The thing you're claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you."
-A. L. Kitselman

I think I'm gonna stop sayin I'm bad at word games. As I thought about this quote I pondered all the things I would claim to be inadequate. Ok for example, I used to say I wasn't good at sports. Well low & behold who was terrible at sports over 300lbs 17 year old (sheepishly raiding hand)?I swear I've got to stop sayin I'm bad at word games, maybe I simply need to figure out how to make word games work for me. I mean look at me know, I actually like going to the gym & gettin my sweat on...burnin those extra few calories so I can have that piece of cake at the end of a long hard day. You see that how I was able to make working out work for me! Who would've ever thought the girl that could barely run a lap around the track can now climb 100 flights of stairs and 2 miles n the air? Like I said I gotta start sayin I'm GOOD at word games... and relationships... and maybe makin a couple a million dollars a year. Haha yea that's more like it.

Love & Blessings

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