Sunday, January 24, 2010

No longer a blog virgin!

So this is my first post as a "blogger" it kinda feels weird but at the same time oh so familiar. I'm trying to get the hang of all of this and really get a handle of how all of what's going on in my mind will come across on the screens of so many computers. Well as the title of this blog reads this is the blog about my life as a once 300lb teen and eventual young woman. How I'm now learning to live in this new life (even though I've been down over 100lbs for over 8 years) and how living in this new book in my library of life. I'll get into more details regarding the events of my past I'm sure, but as I said earlier I'm just getting into the swing of things here on Love & Blessings. - Keshia

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  1. Myskeshia - I felt I knew what a journey you've traveled, but this first blog really explains your accomplishment with your health and your weight. Over a 100 pounds and for over 8years. You are definitely strong, courageous and fierce. I am so proud of you fighting so hard to be better and stronger. Love, Roz