Saturday, February 13, 2010

Best thing ever!

I'm gonna say this one time and one time only... Women handle yours! Ask anyone how much I love being a woman and they will tell you I'm probably the most girlie girl they've ever met. What I mean by women handle yours is this ... don't wait for a man to come in, sweep you off your feet, and make love to you until the sun rises. IT MIGHT NOT HAPPEN! When I say handle yours not only do I mean it in the literal sense... but also in the physical... ummmm basically get familiar with your girlie parts. Embracing this area is the best thing since the tampon... so love it! As a civilized society we as women need to learn to cherish who we are, men have been embracing (pun totally intended) this freedom since they were boys and we need to find that same freedom and teach it to our daughters, nieces, cousins, aunts, sisters, mothers, and sometimes grandmothers. If you feel like you need a little lovin' or you need some kind of release, please release yourself because it's a shame if you don't. I understand how sometimes this can be a touchy (pun totally intended) subject for some women, because in order for us to have this type of release we must strategically plan the event, we think about it, then we try and overcompensate for it by busying ourselves with something else, then if we're honest about things, we will eventually let ourselves have that pleasure. The point that I want to convey is that if we learn to embrace and love that which is our sexual energy, we will find ourselves having less complicated feelings towards men. I honestly feel that this lack of connecting with our bodies on a sexual level is the main reason why there is a cosmic shift of power between women and men later in life. Generally in the beginning women posses such a wonderful power that is not even realized or even recognized... clearly, then as we grow older the shift of power happens. Men are strengthened by their discovery and begin to venture, explore and share their discovery with girls. Our young ladies, on the flip side, have not explored or tested the waters so they are shocked and stunned by the feelings they are experiencing, these young ladies are then finding themselves overcome with the emotions involved, and the feelings involved, and thus they are more inclined to make poor decisions such as: unprotected sex, multiple partners, and becoming sexual objects. The reason why I feel I can make such a broad conclusion and choose to do so with such freedom is because this was something that I have experienced myself, with age I began to feel as if I needed a man in my life in order to feel desired, loved and appreciated. Now... I love men, as I stated in an previous post but I know for a fact that women and men struggle to gain a level of balance between our different sexes... Venus vs. Mars if you will. Speaking as a woman I know we are such powerful creatures and it's a shame that we don't embrace this power more often, that is why sexual exploration... lets just say it, masturbation, is necessary for young women the same way it is necessary for young men. I mean lets face it, we all know that young boys masturbate early now maybe that's because their sexual organs are exposed to such a degree that it becomes a toy to them (lol), a toy that is attached and has the ability to give them pleasure. For women and girls masturbation is necessary on a deeper level, it is needed in order to connect with ourselves, but more so it is necessary on the level of comfort... comfort with who we are as women, and for young women this exploration is needed so that we can understand the feelings attached with sexual arousel, and this initial exploration should be with ourselves by ourselves. I see women ranging in ages from teenagers to women in there fifties still chasing... chasing the feeling... chasing the feelings of desire... chasing the feelings of what is misconstrued as "love" and I'm sure it's because they have not explored themselves... they have not gotten comfortable with who they are as women. These women I speak of do not realize the power they contain, they actually think that this power is only attainable with a man, what they don't realize is this power is also within themselves. I know women and men are definitely the most magnificent of opposites and we do complement each other to such a degree that it can make the earth shake, and part of that power is finding our strength earlier in life. Women like myself and hopefully those who are reading this blog, will feel comfortable enough to sit down with our young women and talk openly about sex, masturbation, and how the feelings connected with sex can be explored. Girls should understand that it is not "bad" to touch themselves and release, the problem is adult women still need to feel it's okay to touch themselves and release. If adult women do not get comfortable with masturbation we will find ourselves continuously in a "chasing" state of mind, because how can we teach if we have not learned the lesson first. So ladies here's your homework: discover your bodies, touch it, love it, and embrace the energy within... then when your good and comfortable talk to your daughters about their bodies and give them the power that you just discovered. I promise if we all do this we will find more balance within our female/male relationships and our young ladies will be well equip to handle the feelings they no doubt will encounter. The best thing is... they will be stronger then we could ever imagine and thus the world will be stronger than ever imagined. Love & Blessings. - Buttaflibabee

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