Saturday, February 6, 2010

Make sense?!

Eureka I think I've got it... it's a conspiracy! Who shops the most in our society... women. Who shapes our thinking ultimately... the media and what we consistently see & hear. If our countries media continues to feed women the lies of "your only beautiful if you have this look" and "you have to be married before this age", and "you have to have this type of wedding", oh and by the way "you'll only find a man if you weigh this much" and "in order to get this weight you must buy these products so that you can loose the weight" or "you have to get on this diet so that you can loose this weight, to get that man, to have that wedding, to live in that dream house and have those kids before your this age". WHEW and all of this is fed to who... us women. No wonder we see perfectly beautiful women cutting up there bodies and faces so that they can have a smaller nose, or bigger breast or higher cheekbones. I hear it everyday with my friends, we kill ourselves to loose weight, even if we are perfectly healthy and happy we want more and more so that we can be "perfect". WTF!!! Don't get me wrong I fall victim myself and I know I can do a better job and lead a healthier lifestyle by changing my eating habits. I am aware, and with awareness comes change... always. So I'm sure one would ask why haven't you changed... I'm simply not ready yet. What I'm talking about though is the fact that we as a country... as a society... a unified people need to be particularly outraged at the fact that we are so pressured, not to love one another but to envy one another. We as women are constantly at odds with each other trying to make sure that we are better looking then the next woman, that we are finer, thinner, hair is more beautiful, clothes are prettier... so on and so on and so on. I'm tired of having my own jacked up opinions about other women... how dare I! I past judgement on others when I should be the last to do so, because of my own experiences, how I grew up and how others so quickly passed judgements on me. If we as women begin to unify instead of hating each other and stop distancing ourselves from quality relationships with one another, we could eventually change the whole world! We could potentially force society and media outlets to really take a good look at themselves and see what a horrible monster they are contributing to... in essence they are feeding a demon. How dare they make us feel as if we are all crazy, fat ass, husband seeking, money hungry, shallow, horny, dingbats... how dare they!!! We are the mothers of the world... we are the ones that make this shit tick! Our young women have to be faced with the idea that if they are not skinny, barbie pretty, idiots then they may not land a man by the time they're 28... as if something is wrong with them just the way they are. Weddings and everything that surrounds them are a multi billion dollar industry... diet products and the industry makes billions... plastic surgery is a billion dollar industry... MAKE SENSE?! Listen up ladies, love yourself, be healthy (mentally & physically), and appreciate the way you are now, instead of making all of these industries rich off of our own niavete lets love self and make ourselves authentically and truly rich... MAKE SENSE?! Love & Blessings. -Keshia

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