Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Thank God for clarity... not to be selfish but if clarity was a commodity I would want ALL of it! I seem to talk about this often but tonight I have an amazing sense of clarity, and in the most relevant and substantial place in my life... relationships! I've realized how to avoid getting mad at someone just for being who they are naturally. The simple fact of the matter is that people may not be as close to you as you want them to be... it's a simple fact. Some relationships are just chilled, you like hanging out with that person, that person likes hanging out with you... no big deal. Then you have other relationships that take effort... seems like it takes an act from God to make things flow, but once you get it together you wonder why you stayed away from each other for so long. Some people, on the other hand you have to come to the conclusion that you just don't mesh well with that person... nothing wrong with you, nothing wrong with the other person, it simply is what it is and that's ok. Today my clarity came in the form of realizing that sometimes you aren't going to be what you thought you were going to be in some peoples lives, and this acknowledgment can come as you wanting distance from someone or someone wanting distance from you... either way... even that's ok. When someone wants distance this decision can cause tension stress an anxiety from the person wanting the break... they get frustrated... start loosing focus... and stop listening. What we fail to realize is that most times that person is experiencing the highest level of stress simply because they are aware that it's time to go. Then you have the other side where your the person that is being pushed away if you have clarity on this side of the coin you too will hold a level of tension because attempting to find the strength let them go... and not go back... and that is equally as tough. I've experienced both issues and neither were a cake walk but I made it through. Now I understand how to walk away without regrets... and how to leave without guilt, both substantial in my life and both teaching me valuable lessons... both getting me closer to my intended existence. Love & Blessings. - Buttaflibabee

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