Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Change is a'comin!

This weekend brought me quite a discovery... I am actually comfortable with my life... life today... life right now. I still have some reservations about my naked body, but today I feel good about my underware clad body... now thats what I call progress!!! I used to be so ashamed of my body, hated the way it looked, even going as far as posting it in a blog a few months ago. I talked about how I cringed when I looked at myself naked in the mirror, how I questioned God on why I was born fat... what a difference 2 months make. There is an air of confidence that I can't deny has captured my spirit, today I took a look at my body and am pleased, now a lot of that pleasure comes from looking at my body and seeing a significant difference. Get that, my body is looking pretty awesome, this body has come with, no doubt, a level of dedication so there is no surprise the change in my body was going to happen. Hell I've been working out damn near every day, and doing things I never would've thought possible, shoot I never thought I would be going into the gym to and doing a half hour on the stair climber... yea, a half hour! Of course eating right has been vital in changing my body but not because I want to loose 20lbs but simply because I know my body deserves the best... my body has the right to go back to the body it has been all along. For a long time I separated my body from my soul, for some reason I thought I was at war with my body... I was sad and depressed that I had disfigured it... but look at my body today, changing shape, and why, because now I love this body, I love my whole being no longer is my body going toe to toe with my soul & persona. See for a long time I thought changing the shape & look of my body was never going to happen... yes I thought this would never happen... NEVER! So this discovery is an amazing thing... this discovery is pretty much going to be the trigger for my life... the thought of: "if this change can happen then what else is possible that I thought was impossible?"- well we'll have to wait for the answer to that question as it's revealed. Love & Blessings. - Buttaflibabee

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